The attack on YS Jagan came as a shock to many people. How can Jagan be attacked in a high security area like the airport? How could the assailant sneak in a sharp and deadly weapon into the airport, where every metal object is detected? How did the assailant get so close to YS Jagan carrying a weapon? There are several doubts over the way the incident took place. Here are 5 key pointers that indicate that this could be a TDP conspiracy.

YS Jagan about vizag attack

  • How did Srinivas keep a 11 page long letter ready in his pocket at the time of the attack. How come the letter has no folds and the edges are not frayed when it is kept in his dress? Even a new Rs 2000 note kept in the pocket will have frayed edges and folds.
  • From the letter, is clear that there is an attempt to show that the attacker was a YSRCP activist. How come the letter was released within minutes of the attack? The police, who released the letter, have no answer to this question.
  • Immediately after the incident, the TDP and the yellow media began speaking in chorus and have started blaming the attack on the YSRCP. They tried to show that the assailant was a YSRCP activist and even produced morphed pics in a jiffy. It also appeared that the the comments and the campaign were well-rehearsed.
  • Another interesting aspect is that the handwriting in the beginning of the letter is vastly different from the handwriting at the end. It clearly appears to be written by two different persons. Is it the handiwork of the police?
  • The Thane Lanka locals, the native village of Srinivas, the assailant, say that Srinivas and his family members are all TDP supporters. There are several photographs of Srinivas wearing yellow scarf of the TDP. The pic that showed him as a member of the YSRCP has been proved to be a fake or morphed one.