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AP Elect: Chandrababu Naidu will retire from politics !

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Chandrababu Naidu, the leader of Telugu Desam Party (TDP), recently declared that the upcoming 2024 assembly elections in Andhra Pradesh would be his final political battle. In a public meeting, he announced that he would step back from public life if his party were to lose these elections. This decision had been hinted at since November 2021 when he expressed his intention to only return to the assembly as the chief minister.

In a recent announcement, Naidu reiterated his potential retirement from politics, contingent on the TDP’s performance in alliance with the Jana Sena Party. Despite this, he remains confident in the victory of the TDP-Jana Sena alliance.

During an interview with Republic TV, Naidu stressed that these forthcoming elections would mark his last electoral battle. He made it clear that he would step down if his party doesn’t secure victory, stating, “From the beginning, I am very clear in my decision.”

Naidu emphasized that his fight against the Jagan Mohan Reddy government was for the people, not personal interests. Regardless of the outcome, he expressed readiness to retire quietly from politics if the people reject the TDP.

As Naidu, nearing 80 years, faces questions about his energy for the next elections, speculations arise about the potential transition of party leadership, possibly to his son or another member of the NTR family. This situation also presents a strategic opportunity for the YSR Congress party, led by Chief Minister Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy, to potentially dominate the TDP in the upcoming elections.

Analysts suggest that if the TDP were to come to power, it could solidify its position in the state for another decade, while the retirement of Naidu adds an element of uncertainty to the political landscape.

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