EnglishBig StoriesEagle movie review and rating: Ravi Teja starrer flies high

Eagle movie review and rating: Ravi Teja starrer flies high

eagle review and rating


Sahadev (Ravi Teja), known as the dangerous Eagle, unravels his mysterious past in this action-packed thriller. A journalist (Anupama Parameswaran) gets entangled after reporting on him, leading to a quest to unveil the reasons behind his menacing reputation. The film delves into Sahadev’s history and the motivations behind his mission.

Performances and Technical Aspects:

Ravi Teja delivers a serious portrayal, departing from his usual energetic roles. Anupama Parameswaran meets expectations in her journalist role. Kavya Thapar’s love track adds visual appeal but lacks substance. The supporting cast, including Navadeep and Srinivas Avasarala, performs adequately. Music by Davzan falls short, but the background score compensates. Karthik Ghattamaneni’s direction and cinematography impress visually, though editing could enhance the narrative flow. People Media Factory ensures grand production values.


The movie kicks off by building excitement around Raviteja’s character, delving into his mysterious past. However, instead of dynamic scenes, the director, Karthik, uses a voice-over to create an air of mystery, which unfortunately doesn’t captivate the audience in the first hour. The film gains momentum with a sophisticated action sequence around the midpoint and maintains it after the interval with another action-packed scene. The narrative unfolds with high-stakes action scenes leading to a flashback featuring a younger Sahadeva Varma in Poland. The romantic subplot with Kavya Thapar in Poland, while not particularly gripping, manages to be decent. The climax has emotional moments, and there are fan-pleasing elements highlighting Raviteja, with a hinted Part-2 of Eagle.

Director Karthik’s segmented, chapter-based storytelling approach falls short of expectations, despite his cinematography background adding visual appeal to the film. Some scenes impress with excellence, but the dialogue by Manibabu Karanam could be improved. On a positive note, the music and sound design by Davzand (David Sandeep) are commendable.

People Media Factory, the production company, deserves praise for the lavish expenditure showcased on screen. Sahadeva’s character marks a unique departure for Raviteja, delivering a stellar performance. Kavya Thapar, in a more constrained role, performs adequately. Navadeep plays a significant part, and Anupama, as the lead investigative journalist, gets ample screen presence. The rest of the cast also delivers decent performances.


Eagle has a good first half and an excellent second half with well-executed action and suspense. Despite a tedious love track, the film boasts a compelling storyline, making it the best watch this weekend.

Rating : 3/5

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