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Nani and Vivek Athreya’s Saripoda Sanivaaram in trouble

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Natural star Nani’s forthcoming venture, Saripoda Sanivaaram, is making waves not just for its star-studded cast but also for its burgeoning budget. Reportedly, the film’s budget is soaring, expected to surpass Rs 80 crores, primarily due to its ambitious action sequences and diverse shooting locations. With the inclusion of Tamil actor S J Suryah, the budget is anticipated to exceed Rs 85 crores, marking a significant investment for Nani’s career. Director Vivek Athreya is resolute in crafting a high-octane action adventure, backed by unwavering support from the producers, propelling the film into uncharted territory as Nani’s most expensive project to date.

Nani, known for his endearing lover-boy personas and impeccable comic timing, is now eyeing an image transformation with a penchant for action-oriented roles. Following the success of Dasara, where his rugged portrayal resonated with audiences, Nani seeks to shed his softer image and embrace more robust characters, fueling his desire to connect with the masses on a grand scale. His transition from a timid individual to a bold and fearless protagonist in Dasara has emboldened him to explore roles driven by anger and intensity, evident in his recent hit, Shyam Singha Roy.

Saripoda Sanivaram appears to be a strategic move towards a pan-Indian audience, as Nani aims to expand his reach beyond Telugu cinema into Tamil and Hindi industries. With action-packed narratives gaining traction across regions, Nani sees these ventures as an opportunity to diversify his portfolio and cement his presence on a national scale. As the curtains rise on Saripoda Sanivaram, Nani’s foray into the realm of action sagas promises an exhilarating cinematic experience, poised to captivate audiences across linguistic boundaries.

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