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Bollywood star hero fails after comeback; makes disaster of the year


The film Fighter, with a whopping budget of 250 crores, hit theaters globally on January 25, 2024. Despite receiving praise from film critics and gaining traction on social media, the movie faced a harsh reality at the box office.

Featuring A-list stars like Hrithik Roshan, Deepika Padukone, and Anil Kapoor, “Fighter” initially had high expectations. However, the film’s downfall became evident due to its subpar character development and the inclusion of what some viewers perceived as woke propaganda.

In the unpredictable world of the film industry, where hits and misses are common, Bollywood’s 2024 began with a significant box office disaster. “Fighter,” anticipated to be a record-breaking super hit, faced negative reviews from the start, leading to a swift decline in performance after Republic Day.

Despite a budget of 275 crores, the movie struggled to meet expectations, collecting only 189 crores nett after a 16-day run. The film’s occupancy rate plummeted to a mere 13.97 percent, signaling its imminent struggle to stay in theaters.

The financial disappointment continued as “Fighter” managed to gather only 81 lakh rupees nationwide on a Friday. Although its worldwide gross surpassed 300 crores, the film is on a trajectory towards substantial losses, impacting buyers and exhibitors who invested in its success.

Moreover, the movie, centered around the tragic Pulwama attack where 40 Indian soldiers lost their lives to a targeted bomb blast by Pakistani terrorists, aimed to depict a shocking incident that reverberated globally. Despite the powerful theme, the film faced challenges in translating its narrative impact into box office success.

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