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Game Changer: Only game but no change in director?

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Ram Charan, after the massive success of RRR, announced his next project as RC15 almost three years back. Fans are eagerly anticipating his next big project, RC15, since its announcement happened on Feb 12, 2021.

Directed by Tamil filmmaker Shankar and produced by Dil Raju, the film, aptly named Game Changer, boasted a pan India cast and a substantial budget, fueling high expectations among the audience.

However, despite the initial excitement, it has been a prolonged three years since the movie’s announcement, and the shooting is still incomplete. The only glimpse fans have had is the title poster of Game Changer; no updates or teasers have been shared. This extended silence has left Charan’s devoted followers disappointed.

On the other hand, leaks of Charan’s photos during the shoot have circulated widely, intensifying the anticipation and impatience among fans. Numerous attempts by fans to seek updates from director Shankar and producer Dil Raju on social media have gone unanswered. Even when a leaked song raised hopes for an official release, it was eventually canceled, further adding to the fans’ discontent. Despite the persistent demand for updates, the film unit has remained tight-lipped. Fans, serious about their concerns, have criticized the team for the lack of communication.


As today marks the third year of the movie announcement, Ram Charan’s fans are sharing numerous memes expressing their frustration. The discontent stems from the perceived lack of progress, with Director Shankar not indicating any plans for a swift completion of the shooting or an imminent release of the film. The buzz around Game Changer has surged once again, with fans questioning why, after three years, there has been no update, and the film’s shooting is yet to conclude.

In a recent media statement, Dil Raju hinted at a possible delay in the release, suggesting that Game Changer might hit the screens in September, during the festive season of Dussehra. This revelation, while providing a glimmer of hope, leaves fans with continued suspense and the anticipation of a game-changing cinematic experience that is yet to unfold.



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