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Balakrishna Vs Chiranjeevi: Who’s market is higher on TV?

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Balakrishna and Chiranjeevi, two senior star heroes in the industry, have long been engaged in a fierce competition. Although Chiranjeevi once secured consecutive hits, claiming the top spot, recent times have seen Balakrishna stealing the spotlight with a series of successful films, leaving Chiranjeevi grappling with flops and remake projects.

Aside from Waltair Veeraya, Chiranjeevi has struggled to notch any significant hits in recent years. In contrast, Balakrishna achieved a hat-trick with Akhanda, Bhagavanth Kesari, and Veera Simha Reddy.

The tide turned in favor of Balakrishna, who received praise for opting for scripts suitable for his age, while Chiranjeevi faced criticism for his penchant for remakes. Even on the television front, Balakrishna outshines Chiranjeevi.

Producers are currently favoring Balakrishna due to his expanded market appeal and, notably, his reasonable remuneration in comparison to Chiranjeevi. Balayya’s films are proving lucrative for satellite partners as well.

Bhagavanth Kesari (9.36), Veera Simha Reddy (8.83), and Akhanda (13.31) all garnered impressive TRP ratings during their television premieres, showcasing Balakrishna’s dominance. On the other hand, Chiranjeevi’s recent films struggled with ratings ranging between 5 and 7.

With the impending release of Akhanda 2 and an upcoming collaboration with Bobby, Balakrishna’s trade numbers are expected to soar further. The ongoing battle for television ratings is just one aspect of their rivalry, but currently, Balakrishna seems to be basking in the limelight both on and off the screen.

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