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Sundeep Kishan opens up on those ‘Six Producers’ of Tollywood

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Sundeep Kishan, who initially enjoyed success in his career, is currently experiencing a series of failures. His upcoming film, “Ooru Peru Bhairavakona,” set to release on February 16th, took center stage in a recent interview. Of note was his commentary on the challenges posed by producers in the industry.

Initially talking about his movie, Sundeep Kishan mentioned that “Ooru Peru Bhairavakona” draws inspiration from Indian Folklore, incorporating a fictional fantasy element. “Ooru Peru Bhairavakona is inspired by our Indian Folklore. We have set a fictitious fantasy element in it. It is the story about how a thief lands in a village with his bounty and what happens there. We took enough care. Love Story is certainly important in the film but in no way, it will hinder the flow of the film. There is a perfect blend in the film. I am sure it will certainly impress the audience,” he added.

Later Sundeep Kishan opened up about the challenges in the industry, revealing that six producers are attempting to exert control. He expressed frustration at not being allowed to choose subjects, as producers dictate story distribution to actors. He said, “We are not even given a chance to pick subjects. They distribute the stories to heroes as they like. If we do not listen to them, they will retaliate. Recently, I rejected a producer’s story, he ensured that one of my other projects got canceled.”

Sundeep Kishan further elaborated on the producers’ influence, saying about their control over projects by providing advances to directors. He expressed the challenging nature of the industry, where such control is wielded as a tool for manipulation, making it particularly difficult for someone like him to sustain in the field.

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