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Not hero’s image but story that’s important: Popular director takes dig at Trivikram

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Mahesh Babu’s “Guntur Kaaram” generated high expectations but faced severe criticism for its lackluster storyline. While hero Mahesh Babu gave his all, the main culprit seems to be director Trivikram, whose storytelling and direction left audiences questioning his once-successful track record.

Despite Mahesh Babu’s commendable effort, Trivikram’s choices in the film led even a prominent director, SV Krishna Reddy, to speak out against the project.

SV Krishna Reddy, known for his successful family-friendly comedies in the 90s, revealed a pattern in his own career. His films featuring big stars like Balakrishna in “Top Hero” and Nagarjuna in “Vajram” did not fare well commercially. In a recent interview, he admitted that tailoring films solely to fit a hero’s image, rather than focusing on a robust script, often results in failure.

He talked about the significance of prioritizing storytelling and a solid script over catering to a hero’s persona. He specifically criticized Trivikram for his lackluster work in “Guntur Kaaram,” cautioning against creating films solely to please the hero. Drawing from his own success with “Yama Leela,” SV Krishna Reddy concluded that believing in the strength of storytelling is crucial for a film’s success.

Talking about the same, he said, “When a film is tailored to the hero’s image rather than a strong storyline, it’s likely to flop. Never create a film solely to please the hero. Believe in the strength of storytelling and a solid script. That’s why my film ‘Yama Leela’ became such a hit.”

However, many directors who are currently directing star heroes seem to be focusing more on the hero’s image itself rather than the story. Therefore, we need to observe whether star heroes and their directors will undergo a change.

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