EntertainmentReviewsBootcut Balaraju review: A delightful love tale with Sohel's stellar performance

Bootcut Balaraju review: A delightful love tale with Sohel’s stellar performance



Bootcut Balaraju, portrayed by Sohel, is an aimless individual in his village. The villagers hold high regard for Patelamma (Indraja), who looks after everyone’s welfare. Mahalaxmi (Meghalekha), Patelamma’s daughter and Balaraju’s childhood friend, confesses her feelings alongside Siri (Hanmanth Siri). Balaraju accepts Mahalaxmi, but a significant challenge awaits him. The movie unfolds the ensuing events and the trials Balaraju must confront.

Performances and Technical Aspects:

Sohel shines in his role, displaying excellence in both comedy and emotional scenes, carrying the movie effortlessly. Meghalekha delivers a commendable performance, while Siri Hanmanth is notable in her role. Supporting actors like Sunil, Indraja, and Jabardasth Rohini contribute to the film’s appeal. The screenplay by Koneti Sree stands out, complemented by Bheems Ceciroleo’s satisfactory songs and background score. Cinematography by Shyam K Naidu is fair, although some scenes could have been trimmed for a smoother flow. Solid production values enhance the overall viewing experience.


The film adeptly portrays Sohel’s struggles for love, presenting engaging scenes and a well-crafted storyline. While the theme of a poor boy pursuing a rich girl is not novel, Bootcut Balaraju approaches it entertainingly. The first half revolves around Balaraju’s friendships, love, and comedic moments with friends. The interval builds anticipation, and the second half delves into Balaraju’s journey to become Sarpanch. Although initially presented with humor, the emotional aspects of love take center stage towards the end.


Bootcut Balaraju offers a delightful love tale, impressing with lead pair chemistry and moments of humor. The film, with a slow narration, is an entertaining watch for those who appreciate a good love story

Rating: 3/5

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