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Brahmanandam Expands Horizons with First Telugu-Nepali Movie


Today marks the birthday of Tollywood’s legend Brahmanandam, a beloved figure known as the king of comedy. Celebrated for bringing laughter into our lives through over a thousand movies, Brahmanandam is receiving heartfelt wishes from fans, netizens, and fellow celebrities. However, the joy doesn’t end with the birthday celebrations; it’s marked by a special announcement.

In a surprising move, Brahmanandam has unveiled plans to venture into Nepali cinema. Despite already showcasing his comedic prowess in various languages, this marks his debut in Nepali films. On his birthday, he revealed the first look of his upcoming Telugu-Nepali movie titled ‘Hrashwo Deergha.’

The movie, directed by Chandra Pant and produced by Neeta Film Productions, features Harihara Adhikari and Neeta Dungana in the main leads, with Brahmanandam and Pradeep Rawat in significant roles. Currently in the filming stage, ‘Hrashwo Deergha’ is set to release on September 27, adding another milestone to Brahmanandam’s illustrious career.

Fans are expressing their appreciation for the actor’s decision to step into the Nepali film industry, anticipating the laughter he’ll bring to a new audience. As Brahmanandam continues to break records and receive accolades, this venture into Telugu-Nepali cinema promises to be a remarkable chapter in his film journey.

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