BollywoodFighter Director Blames Audience; Netizens Criticize

Fighter Director Blames Audience; Netizens Criticize

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The movie Fighter, starring Hrithik Roshan and Deepika Padukone, created a buzz with an impressive opening day collection of Rs 22.5 crore. However, its box office performance took a sharp decline after the eighth day, accumulating only Rs 146.25 crore. Director Siddharth Anand’s recent statement defending the film’s struggles has stirred controversy.

Anand attributed the decline to the unique genre of the movie, describing “Fighter” as an “alien” concept for a significant portion of the Indian audience. He stated, “There is a huge percentage of our country, I would say 90%, who have not flown in planes or who have not been to an airport. How do you expect them to know what’s happening in the air?”

This comment sparked criticism on social media, with netizens challenging Anand’s perspective. Many argued that air travel is now commonplace in India, questioning the director’s assumption about the audience’s familiarity with flying. Some users even compared it to the success of movies like “Dangal,” pointing out that it doesn’t mean the entire country engages in wrestling.

Despite the backlash, “Fighter” features an ensemble cast, including Anil Kapoor and Karan Singh Grover, and has achieved a global box office collection of Rs 250 crore. The film, directed by Siddharth Anand, portrays Anil Kapoor as Group Captain Rakesh Jai Singh, Deepika Padukone as Squadron Leader Minal Rathore, and Hrithik Roshan as Squadron Leader Shamsher Pathania.

As the controversy unfolds, it raises questions about the evolving cinematic tastes of the Indian audience and the challenges faced by filmmakers introducing unconventional genres to a diverse viewer base.

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