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Harish Shankar loses cool over ‘Great Website’

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Director Harish Shankar addressed serious issues during the Eagle Success Meet, countering criticism with a mix of anger and frustration. He expressed discontent over media articles portraying stories without knowing the truth, highlighting the need for fair representation.

Originally planned for a Sankranti release, Ravi Teja’s film Eagle was eventually released on February 9. The movie received a positive response and makers organized a success meet on Sunday.

Harish Shankar, a close associate of Ravi Teja, attended the event as chief guest.

However, the celebratory mood took a turn when Harish Shankar turned serious on a ‘Great website’ for its negative reviews and for targeting celebrities individually.

Despite Ravi Teja’s efforts to calm Harish, he didn’t return to normal. Instead, he continued scolding the website, saying, “Did you put ice in my drink? Keep on writing those baseless articles from tomorrow. You can’t even pluck my hair.”

Harish Shankar’s strong reaction, while not uncommon for him, reflects the seriousness of his response this time.

In his speech, Harish Shankar also addressed the challenges he faced entering the industry, recalling how relatives, including mother and father, mocked his directorial aspirations. Despite initial skepticism, he successfully established himself in the industry, highlighting the sacrifices made by many aspiring filmmakers.

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