EnglishLatestIs caste the sole reason for YSRCP's support to THIS director?

Is caste the sole reason for YSRCP’s support to THIS director?

Is caste the sole reason for YSRCP's support to THIS director?

The ongoing debate about caste, especially in the film industry and politics, continues to always grab attention. Recently, a TDP-aligned media house labeled recent film Yatra 2 director Mahi V Raghav as a Reddy, highliting a perceived caste connection to his work. Media highlighted that director got 2 acres of land from government because of his caste itself.

However, few fans of YSRCP are questioning on social media, reflecting on instances where no one questioned the caste of directors like Jagarlkamudi Radha Krishna “Chowdary” (aka Krish) or Boyapati Srinivas “Chowdary” when they worked on projects. Similarly, the caste of individuals like K Raghavendra Rao ‘Chowdary,’ Murali Mohan, Ashwini Dutt, and others didn’t become a focal point when they benefited from the earlier government.

The news mentioned that Mahi V Raghav received 2 acres of land in Madanapalle worth Rs 20 Cr, but the actual value is Rs 2 Cr. Raghav clarified that his choice of Madanapalle was driven by a desire to contribute to the local community through film shootings, generating employment, and supporting local businesses.

Responding to accusations, director Raghav highlighted that if he had a business motive, he would have chosen a more developed city than Rayalaseema. He emphasized the modest request for 2 acres for a mini studio, aiming to be a facilitation center, rather than seeking hundreds of acres.

Also, Raghav urged the media to present all the facts, pointing out that accusing someone without verifying the details is unjust.

However, given all the ongoing developments, despite efforts to curb caste sentiments, it appears challenging to entirely eradicate them.

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