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Life threat for Sharmila?

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In the upcoming AP Elections, Sharmila, the Congress AP wing president, is facing concerns about her safety. TDP leader Ayyanapatrudu has expressed that Sharmila is under a life threat and requires increased security. According to him, the issue stems from a dispute over property division between Sharmila and Jagan.

Ayyanapatrudu accused Jagan of not fairly sharing the assets and properties inherited from their father, YSR, leading to tension between the siblings. He asserted that Sharmila’s safety is at risk due to this disagreement and emphasized the need for additional security measures to protect her.

The TDP leader went on to make serious allegations against Jagan, claiming that he has shown negligence towards Vizag in the past five years. Ayyanapatrudu also highlighted his personal concerns by stating that he, too, perceives a life threat and has taken steps to secure a licensed revolver for his safety.

The situation raises questions about the political landscape in AP, with potential threats to Sharmila’s life becoming a focal point of discussion. As the elections draw nearer, the call for heightened security for Sharmila reflects the tense atmosphere surrounding the political dynamics in the region.

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