Charan’s actress accuses staff of raping her with eyes

Ram Charan’s actress accuses staff of raping her with eyes. Well, we are talking of sexy siren Esha Gupta who has wooed the audience with her seductive numbers and enthralled Telugu audience with Ek Baar song alongside Charan.

The former Miss India International who was on an outing last night along with friends experienced a horrifying experience. The actress accused a hotelier named Rohit Vig of inappropriate behaviour. Taking to social media, she wrote, “If a woman like me can feel violated and unsafe in the county, then idk what girls around feel. Even with two securities around I felt getting raped.. #RohitVig you’re a swine.. he deserves to rot”.

“Men like Rohit Vig, are the reason women don’t feel safe anywhere. You around me with your eyes and stares was enough,” she added.

Esha in another Instagram story posted a video showcasing a man in the dim-lit restaurant “About my previous post, this guy was literally raping me with his eyes..thanks to my security for being more patient than me in this situation..does anyone know him? #deardonna.”

She continued and said, “He was requested to behave thrice and then leave..then eventually 2 guards had to be around me..even the security cam can confirm this..who is this “future rapist.” She adds, “His name is-rohit..He owns st regis in goa (sic).” “Rohit Vig-owns Regis Goa,” she took to the photo-sharing platform to publicly accuse and slam him.