Dil Raju gifts a car, but the director didn’t get it!!!

If the film goes on to become a blockbuster, it is common for the heroes or the producers to gift a swank new car to the director. Though the actual story could be vastly different from what gets portrayed in the media, such news keeps flooding the social media of and on.

The latest buzz is that impressed by Anil Ravipudi’s work and the huge success of F2, producer Dil Raju has reportedly gifted him with a BMW. The film gave Dil Raju a profit of around Rs 35 crore.

But, the curious aspect of the whole affair is that Anil Ravipudi didn’t get the car and did not even know about the rumour. He quipped that Dil Raju might actually gift him a BMW if four or five such reports appear in the media.