Drug Supply Chain Cut Irritates Hero

Hyderabad: He is a mass hero and he has worked real hard to reach where he is today. In the on-going drugs case, he is said to be one of the people who has been approached by the Excise department.

In fact, one section of media has openly given out his name. So, the latest update from the sets of his new film is that the hero is rather irritable.

Ever since the story broke out and is all over media, the supply has been cut and apparently the hero is finding it very difficult to focus on work.

Though the hero is among the top heroes, he hasn’t had much success recently and he hasn’t done very many films thanks to the many younger heroes who flooded the industry.

Though the hero like many others has vehemently denied taking drugs, it is said that he is really unable to concentrate on his new film.

It is known that Kelvin has been arrested by the Excise department. Along with some other alleged drug peddlers have also been arrested. This has led others to go cold for the time being.

Meanwhile, there is another angle to his story. Drugs apart, there are some industry bigwigs who are said to hold a grudge against the said hero and immediately after the story broke out, they held a press conference and cornered him.

Looks like, the mass hero surely is in deep double trouble.