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Exclusive: Murali Kishor Abburu Interview

Y.Sunita Chowdhary

Aspiring youngsters need not go to a film school to become directors, the situation has changed drastically. Take the case of Murali Kishor Abburu. Murali didn’t even imagine that one day he would be wielding the megaphone, not even during his academics. His story is interesting. In a brief chat with Klapboardpost.com, the director whose debut film Vinaro Bhagyamu VishnuKatha is releasing on February 17 says he has never planned his life and has just gone with the flow. ” I am a good observer of people and their mannerisms, I have a habit of reading books but that doesnt mean I got inspired by them. For Vinaro Bhagyamu Vishnu Katha, I had used colloquial dialogues, so simple that people will relate to it instantly. The result will be out on the 17th and I am anxiously waiting for the result. I did engineering from Chennai and moved to Hyderabad and got into the direction department. I am from Kammakandriga in Tirupati and studied there till the tenth standard. Until engineering I wasn’t inclined towards directing films though I would watch movies.”

Murali Kishor Abburu Interview

Murali’s friend’s father knew producer Sunkara Madhu Murali and when Sashirekha Parinayam was being shot, he and his friend stayed in their office. He recalls his days in Hyderabad, “I would go to the shoots in the morning with the manager Thammudu Satyam. I found the atmosphere vibrant, full of life. Each day was different. After that I went back to Bangalore and looked for jobs but the film shoot was weighing heavily on my mind. I contacted the manager and relocated to Hyderabad. Initially Thammudu Satyam said that to become a director I should learn editing and he saw to it that I became an intern in the department.”

Murali Kishor Abburu Interview 1

It wasn’t digital then and after six months the manager called Murali and told him to be there at Usha Kiron’s office. When Murali went there he was pleasantly surprised to be roped into the direction department of a film as an assistant director. One film led to the other and he had no choice except to learn the craft. He was moving around with Sai Madhav Burra, Gandham Nagaraju and other dialogue writers but wasn’t influenced by any of them. He quips, “My film is independent of any influences and is a simple story. When I wrote the story, I first wrote the teaser and the trailer. The trailer gives the concept, and you react if you want to see or not. It is a fictional story but some of the experiences are real.”

Murali Kishor Abburu Interview 3

About the title he explains, “The title indicates that the hero’s name is Vishnu, he is narrating the story to someone. The justification of the title is very clear. The concept is also very clear. We need a little luck to get pushed but our efforts have been too visible and the sincerity should be undisputed. I wrote this story during the lockdown. I got introduced to Prashant Neel, the director by producer Harshith Reddy. he was travelling to Bangalore and took me with him. The discussions of the Salar project were on and people were looking at joining the direction department. I was sending a lot of people there and eventually I ended up being part of the team. I was working with directors Krish and Tirumal Kishore and Chandoo Mondeti, Kranthi Madhav later on. ”

Murali Kishor Abburu Interview 2

All the above mentioned directors have their unique style of direction and Murali Kishore was lucky to be associated with them. Somewhere this experience will come handy, believes the director. The industry which is ridden by sentiments always looks forward to seeing a successful film: Vinaro Bhagyamu Vishnu Katha is one of them. Getting an opportunity itself is a big deal and directing it is an inexplicable feeling. The debutant had his head on his shoulders and pursued his goal sincerely and made sure it didn’t cross the budget. He finished the film in 54 working days. The film stars Kiran Abbavaram and Kashmira Pardesi, Murali Sharma and others.

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