Jawan director Atlee Kumar gets trolled by fans for his comments on Shah Rukh Khan

Director Atlee is currently basking in the glory of his recent hit film ‘Jawan.’ His action-packed collaboration with Shah Rukh Khan is rewriting the record books in Bollywood. It has already soared past the 800 crore mark and is poised to exceed 1000 crore before concluding its theatrical run.

Both the leading actor and the director are absolutely thrilled with the film’s overwhelming success. Sometimes, under the exhilaration of such remarkable achievements, individuals tend to make intriguing statements.

It appears that Atlee had one such moment during an interview when he expressed his aspiration for ‘Jawan’ to contend at the Oscars. In his own words, he said, “Certainly, even ‘Jawan’ could aim for the Oscars if circumstances align favorably.

I believe that every endeavor, every filmmaker, every technician in the world of cinema aspires to reach prestigious accolades such as the Golden Globes, Oscars, and National Awards. So, without a doubt, I would be delighted to present ‘Jawan’ at the Oscars.

Ever since he said that he has been facing massive trolls. Some say that Jawan is not a film that could be sent to the Oscars and Atlee should refrain from making such silly remarks is the opinion.

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