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KTR Vs Revanth Reddy : War of words ; Congress leaders express agony

KTR Vs Revanth Reddy War of words Congress leaders express agony

In a startling revelation, Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) working president KT Rama Rao (KTR) hinted at Chief Minister A Revanth Reddy’s imminent move to the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) after the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. KTR made these assertions during a meeting at the Secunderabad Parliament constituency, citing Revanth Reddy’s consistent praise for Prime Minister Narendra Modi as evidence for his claim.

“Why is Revanth Reddy maintaining silence in response to criticism about his potential BJP affiliation post-elections? The chief minister must openly declare his allegiance to the Congress,” demanded KTR, highlighting the need for transparency in political affiliations.

KTR further emphasized that while Revanth Reddy lavishes praise upon Prime Minister Modi, the Congress leader Rahul Gandhi engages in a nationwide campaign denouncing Modi as “Chowkidar Chor Hai.” He suggested that after the elections, new political alignments could emerge due to the close association between the Chief Minister and Prime Minister Modi.

Expressing concerns over BJP’s growing influence in Telangana, KTR criticized the Congress’s inability to counter the BJP effectively. He accused Revanth Reddy’s government of deflecting attention from its failures in governance by highlighting phone tapping cases and alleged scams instead of focusing on vital issues like energy and social welfare programs.

Regarding Revanth Reddy’s leadership capabilities, KTR expressed skepticism, alleging that the BJP was exploiting national agencies and engaging in political vendettas. He questioned the Congress’s response to the arrest of BRS MLC Kavitha Kalavakuntla, insinuating a lack of coordination between the Congress and the BJP.

KTR also accused Revanth Reddy of coercing funds from builders, real estate agents, and industrialists for election expenses, which he allegedly diverted to the Congress leadership. He argued that the Congress, as an alternative to the BJP, lacked nationwide appeal and could not secure more than 40 MP seats in the upcoming elections.

Furthermore, KTR criticized Danam Nagender’s defection to the Congress party as opportunistic politics, pledging to challenge him in the Secunderabad parliamentary seat and any potential Khairatabad by-election. He urged the legislative assembly speaker to address the BRS’s complaint against Danam Nagender promptly, threatening legal action if necessary.

In response to KTR’s statements, Congress MLA Rammohan Reddy dismissed them as baseless and attributed them to KTR’s frustration following his sister and MLC Kavitha Kalvakuntla’s arrest. He accused the BRS of corruption during its tenure and asserted that the party would face electoral defeat in the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections. Reddy also hinted at revelations regarding the Kalavakuntla family’s alleged wrongdoings and predicted the BRS’s merger into the BJP post-elections.

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