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Mukhtar Ansari: All you need to know about this gangster turned politician

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Mukhtar Ansari, a prominent figure in Indian politics and organized crime, passed away on March 28, 2024, at the age of 63. His journey was characterized by a complex interplay between crime and politics, leaving behind a legacy steeped in controversy.

More about his death: Mukhtar Ansari, a former MLA from Mau in Uttar Pradesh, passed away at the age of 63 due to a cardiac arrest. He had been in jail in Uttar Pradesh and Punjab since 2005. Ansari was taken to Rani Durgavati Medical College in an unconscious state after complaining of vomiting, but despite efforts, he could not be saved.

Following his hospitalization, a large police presence was reported outside the hospital, and prohibitory orders under Section 144 were imposed across Uttar Pradesh. Additional police personnel and Central Reserve Police Force teams were deployed in various districts.

Earlier, Ansari had been hospitalized and discharged after nearly 14 hours. His brother, Ghazipur MP Afzal Ansari, claimed that Ansari had been given a poisonous substance in jail, which worsened his health. However, the prison department stated that Ansari’s health had deteriorated, and he fell in the washroom before being taken to the hospital.

The sudden demise of Mukhtar Ansari has stirred reactions across the political spectrum, with many expressing condolences to his family.

Who is Mukhtar Ansari?

Early Life and Background:Born on June 30, 1963, Ansari hailed from Uttar Pradesh and came from a distinguished family background. His paternal grandfather, Mukhtar Ahmed Ansari, served as an early president of the Indian National Congress, while his maternal grandfather, Mohammad Usman, held the rank of Brigadier in the Indian Army.

Entry into Crime and Politics:Ansari’s involvement in criminal activities became apparent in the early 1990s, primarily in districts such as Mau, Ghazipur, Varanasi, and Jaunpur. His foray into politics commenced around 1995 through participation in the student union at Banaras Hindu University.
By the late 1990s, Ansari rose as a notable figure in the organized crime landscape of Poorvanchal, engaging in violent clashes with rival gangs over the control of lucrative contract businesses.

Legal Troubles: 61 criminal cases:Ansari faced a staggering total of 61 criminal cases, including 15 murder charges. Originating from Mau, he initially joined a gang in the 1980s before establishing his own in the 1990s, involved in extortion and kidnapping across various districts.

In 2004, Ansari faced charges under the now-defunct Prevention of Terrorism Act after authorities discovered a machine gun in his hideout. Subsequently, he remained incarcerated since the following year. In April 2023, he received a 10-year sentence for the murder of BJP MLA Krisnanand Rai, and in March 2024, he was handed a life term in a fake gun license case dating back to 1990.

Political Endeavors:Despite his imprisonment, Ansari contested the 2009 Lok Sabha elections from Varanasi on a BSP ticket, albeit unsuccessfully against BJP’s Murli Manohar Joshi. Throughout his political career, he encountered numerous legal hurdles, including accusations of involvement in various murders.

In 2010, Ansari and his brother were expelled from BSP due to their continued association with criminal activities. A subsequent raid on the jail where Ansari was held revealed his luxurious lifestyle behind bars.

Formation of Quami Ekta Dal:Following their expulsion from BSP, the Ansari brothers established their own political party, the Quami Ekta Dal, in 2010. Ansari’s ambitions remained undeterred, as evidenced by his announcement to contest the 2014 Lok Sabha elections against Narendra Modi in Varanasi, although he eventually withdrew to prevent a division of secular votes.

Return to BSP and Electoral Success:On January 26, 2016, Ansari rejoined BSP ahead of the 2017 Uttar Pradesh Legislative elections, securing victory as a BSP candidate from the Mau assembly seat.
Mukhtar Ansari’s life journey was one defined by the intricate intermingling of crime and politics. Despite facing numerous legal challenges and controversies, his influence persisted, making him a polarizing figure in Indian society. With his demise, a chapter closes on a saga marked by power struggles, criminality, and political maneuvering.

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