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Opinion : Actresses/managers troubling directors

Opinion : Actresses/managers troubling directors

It is a well known fact that managers get their cut from the artiste’s paycheck for handling their dates, money and protecting their interests. It is very important that a manager guides a newcomer and helps them develop a work ethic in the film industry but that is not the case here. There are so many new girls coming to Hyderabad in search of films and there are also local talent fighting for their survival. Unfortunately the managers don’t explain to these artists that behaviour and attitude is very important in bagging a film or continuing in the industry. The directors and producers are very unhappy with the casting lot for brokering deals in a wrong way and jacking up their price. While the heroines think they are the next big thing in films or they are god’s gift to the Telugu film industry, their respective managers are throwing a so-called protective ring around them and are cutting off the link between the heroine and the director/producer. They do not allow any info to reach the artist, be it an ordinary enquiry or a proposal to act in a film. The manager ensures he or she is the go to person.The news is that many directors are trying to contact female artistes for their films but the managers despite having info on hands don’t share it with the artistes.

Recently a heroine from Mumbai was reprimanded for not performing well, she in turn complained to her manager and the latter immediately told the director that the girl is going abroad that night leaving the production in a dates disarray. Blackmailing has become a routine. The local heroines also have turned into a huge headache for the producers. Two local girls are throwing attitude and reporting late to work. They continue to bag films because of their friendly hero’s recommendations. The girls are no less, the newcomers want to work with Mahesh Babu, NTR and Ramcharan with no knowledge on ROI. Also they think OTT projects/webseries is downmarket and only theatrical will bring them glory. Also are they aware that at the moment only big heroes have the crowd pulling capacity even with the 50 percent occupancy in theatres? Ignorance isn’t bliss exactly.

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