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Tillu Square twitter review: Here’s what Netizens didn’t like in Tillu Square


TILLU 2 Tillu Square twitter review

Tillu Square, the highly anticipated sequel to the popular film ‘DJ Tillu’, has finally hit the theaters today (March 29), sparking a wave of reactions from netizens across social media platforms. The film, which carried a lot of expectations and positive buzz, received mixed reviews from Twitter users.

One enthusiastic viewer expressed, “#TilluSquare First super fun just like last part one liners by Sidhu were rocking !!” This tweet highlights the enjoyment of the film’s humor and the return of beloved characters.

Another user, commented, “#TilluSquare Decent 1st Half! Siddhu is back again with his trademark energetic avatar and one liners that are carrying the film.” While praising the energy of the lead actor and the comedic elements, they also pointed out moments where the humor felt repetitive.

A rollercoaster of fun, TilluSquare was described by one viewer as an entertaining ride with Siddhu’s vibrant energy lighting up the screen. He also wrote that despite occasional disjointed scenes and questionable visual effects, the film managed to keep the audience engaged, earning a solid recommendation for a one-time watch.

In a similar vein, another Twitter user exclaimed, “#TilluSquare is a winner. Proper LOL moments in typical Tillu style.” They praised the film for delivering laughter and fun in abundance, encapsulating the essence of its predecessor.

Overall, while Tillu Square garnered praise for its humor and the return of beloved characters, some viewers noted occasional shortcomings in pacing and visual effects. Nevertheless, the consensus among netizens seems to be that the film successfully delivers on its promise of providing an entertaining theatrical experience, making it worth a watch for fans of the franchise.

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