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Varalaxmi Tiffins, Tollywood and drugs: Here’s how all three are connected

Varalaxmi Tiffins Tollywood and drugs Heres how all three are connecte

In a recent operation, the Hyderabad police conducted a series of raids in an apartment complex, resulting in the apprehension of both drug dealers and their customers. The catalyst for this operation was a startling revelation that emerged from the owner of a well-known tiffin centre situated near DLF in Hyderabad. This revelation sent shockwaves through the city and exposed several connections within the local drug network.

Addressing the media, Hyderabad’s Police Commissioner, CV Anand, disclosed the details surrounding the arrests and the identities of individuals who remain at large. During his address, Commissioner Anand drew attention to a recent popular movie, ‘Baby,’ and urged filmmakers to exercise caution when depicting scenes involving drug consumption. He expressed concerns that such portrayals could inadvertently influence young audiences.

Commissioner Anand specifically highlighted scenes in the movie ‘Baby’ where the lead actress, Vaishnavi, becomes entangled in drug use. He pointed out that these scenes bore an unsettling resemblance to the environment and circumstances discovered in the Fresh Living apartment during the recent police operation.

The Police Commissioner underscored the responsibility of filmmakers in shaping narratives and urged them to refrain from creating scenes that glorify or normalize drug consumption. It is worth noting that ‘Baby’ has already received its censor certification and completed its theatrical run. Nevertheless, the Commissioner’s words serve as a reminder for directors to be mindful of the impact their work can have on society.

In addition to discussing the movie, Commissioner Anand revealed the names of individuals who had been arrested in connection with the operation. This list included film director Sushant Reddy, KP Reddy, and poker organizer Praneeth, among others. However, several individuals remained fugitives, including Surya from Snort Pub, Arjun from Terra Cafe and Bistro in Jubilee Hills, and film producer Ravi Uppalapati, Swetha, Karthik, and Navadeep. Notably, actor Navadeep, frequently associated with controversies, took to Twitter to clarify that he was not among the wanted individuals, stating, “That’s not me, gentlemen. I’m right here. Please clarify, thanks.”

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