Best CBSE International Schools, in Hyderabad and India on the whole, are those that create a great desire to learn. A teacher who is attempting to teach without inspiring the pupil with a learning desire is just hammering on cold iron, says Horace Mann.

International schools and vital belief

The vital belief is that the percentages in examinations do not define a persona, marks cannot bring the uniqueness or the potential that each of the students inherently possess. Best international schools majorly believe in this. Especially the best CBSE international schools in Hyderabad and elsewhere in India follow this in their curriculum. The reason is that this kind of the philosophy matches with the philosophy practiced at many CBSE international schools.

This philosophy in best CBSE International Schools

Learn to learn (or) learning ‘how to learn’ is a peculiar and a subtle concept. A student’s behavior, communication and experiences have major impact on their learning approach to learn. By increasing an individual’s ability to learn, the intake of learning increases and hence the knowledge, resulting in lifelong learning.

Ascertaining that everybody who learns has the comprehending power and concepts to introduce and evaluate the targets needs the teacher to understand that learner and what they bring to classroom learning.

Learning to learn is increases the desire of self learning reducing the dependency of the teachers. Empowering the students to become more self-directed learners and helping teachers and parents further develop these skills in their children can significantly increase students’ motivation and achievement in school.

Best CBSE International School in Hyderabad

Sree Vidyanikethan International School located at Pocharam, Hyderabad, knows the importance of inculcating the desire to learn and follows it. Our emphasis has always been to motivate our students to learn how to learn, and to take risks in making mistakes and to learn from the mistakes rather than, to encourage the perfect churning out existing knowledge.

As the best CBSE International School in Hyderabad, our inquiry-based approach incites questioning and supports creative thinking from age three.