Bhrammanula Ammai Navabula Abbai Trending On YouTube

The digital film Bhrammanula Ammai Navabula Abbai is making waves as it is one of the trending videos on YouTube. The video has been watched over 4 lakh views and still counting with over 700 plus comments.

Bhrammanula Ammai Navabula Abbai Trends On YouTube

Bhrammanula Ammai Navabula Abbai video is being accoladed from all the quarters with some sections even associating the trailer to their own life. Just like a political party which manifests about integrity and secularity as wholesome, the film Bhrammanula Ammai Navabula Abbai directed by Faarooq Roy talks about a Brahmin girl and a Muslim guy coming from different religious backgrounds yet stand for humanity giving out secularity and integrity message.

Filmmaker  Faarooq Roy deserves appreciation for choosing this as the subject, at times, when people are still lynching and killing one another in the name of religion. The lead actors include Anirudh Sameer and Ee Nagaraniki Emaindi actress Simran Chowdary.  Klapboard Productions would be organising a grand premier soon, the details of which will be updated soon.

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