Did Vishwak Sen manage to make an impact like his colleagues?

Vishwaksen, widely known as Mass Ka Das, has movies like Gangs of Godavari in the pipeline. Apart from that, he recently made his debut in the world of OTT as the host of a family game show called Family Dhamaka, exclusively streaming on the Aha platform. The show consisted of a total of 15 episodes.

However, the family show turned out to be a disappointment for both Aha and Vishwaksen. It didn’t get the much-needed attention from OTT viewers. Being a family show, it was pretty tough to grab viewers’ attention.

Many of the netizens are still unaware of the existence of the show, which had its first episode streamed last Friday.

Another episode is coming tomorrow. Vishwaksen’s fans and netizens feel he should have tried his hand at something else. The makers and Vishwaksen should come up with new promotional strategies to make the show reach OTT audiences better.

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