HanuMan confirms the release date, no going back

Creative director Prasanth Varma who made the first Telugu zombie film Zombie Reddy created Prasanth Varma Cinematic Universe to make original Indian superhero movies and HANU-MAN starring talented young hero Teja Sajja is the first film from the multiverse.

Prasanth Varma previously introduced Teja Sajja’s character through a glimpse which created a huge impact among cine-goers. Later he introduced other lead characters through posters. Today, he came up with something unimaginable. The crazy Pan India film’s teaser has taken the world by storm.

Now the makers have confirmed that the film is locked for a 12th Jan 2024 release and will take on big films like Guntur Kaaram. There was doubt about the release but the makers confirmed it today with a special poster.

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