He Tried To Kiss Me: Swara Bhasker

Actress Swara Bhasker is known for her fearless opinion lending voice to many issues beyond cinema. The actress in an interactive session was asked about the most often discussed topic – casting couch.

Swara who had already had an unpleasant experience with a filmmaker who had harassed her opened up another incident where a man misbehaved with her. Recalling the incident, Swara said the manager of a big shot producer came in to meet her, but she felt uneasy in the middle of the conversation who tried to kiss her ear and whispered: “I love you baby”. She added that the man went on to pester her asking her residential address.

Swara Bhasker Opens Up On Casting Couch

“When I got out this guy actually tried to kiss my ear and said ‘I love you baby’ and I kind of did that (gestures shirking away). So, he got a mouthful of my hair so I was just like… so that kind of stuff happens. It’s all a part of the casting couch, right? she said.

The Veere Di Wedding actress was trolled over her masturbation scene which some found it inappropriate. Though Swara had hit back at trolls and her bestie Sonam Kapoor also supported her, Swara’s mother Ira Bhasker gave an answer in a broadway.

“Let me begin by saying that sexuality per se in Indian cinema is not a subject that has been directly expressed. At the same time, historically, our cinema is unique in the sense that it has developed, over the years, a very complex and refined idiom on eroticism. And that idiom is the song,” Ira said.

“A lot of things that can’t be addressed directly can be addressed through the song. Be it the Hindi film song, or the Bengali film song. Malayalam or Tamil. You don’t find this anywhere else—as a fundamental and defining feature of the form itself. A lot of the articulation was done through song. Emotional articulation. Articulation of what is tabooed. Sexuality and eroticism,” she added.