Star hero’s shocking comment about Karan Johar!

Karan Johar is one of the top directors in the industry and is considered the baap of all movies stars. He is also a tv host and runs a top television show called Koffee with Karan.

Nearly every single actor in B-town has visited his show except a selected few. And one among them is star hero Govinda who is quite upset with the fact that Karan has never called him to his show in spite of him being a huge star.

Karan showed his anger by saying “He has never called me in 30 years, he doesn’t see actors who are not the part of his group and doesn’t even say a hello, I doubt. He’s not that kind-hearted. It’s a well-planned and smart move by Karan that he’s releasing his film a week after mine. Mujhe woh kabhi seedha nahi lagta hai”