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Itlu Maredumalli Prajaaneekam Movie Review

Starring: Allari Naresh, Anandhi, Vennela Kishore, Praveen, Sampath Raj, Raghu Babu, Shritej
Director: AR Mohan
Producer: Razesh Danda
Music Director: Sricharan Pakala
Cinematography: Raam Reddy
Editor: Chota K Prasad
Release Date : November 25, 2022

Itlu Maredumalli Prajaaneekam Movie Review

Itlu Maredumalli Prajaaneekam is Allari Naresh’s latest offering. The film has Anandi as the heroine and has been released today. Read our review to find out if the film has any juice in it or not.


Srinivas(Allari Naresh) is a Telugu teacher who lands in Marudemalli on election duty. He faces a big task to make the tribals understand the value of the voting system. But he faces huge problems from there and soon joins their fight. How much can a Telugu teacher do to change the lives of these tribals is the story of Itlu Maredumalli Prajaaneekam.


Allari Naresh is a seasoned actor and he does well in his role. The manner in which he goes about his role as a Telugu teacher was good to see. But in the second half, he does not have much to do but Naresh floats. Anandi is a gifted actor and has been used well by the director. Sampath is getting routine in his cop roles these days. One should find other actors to do these roles. Shritej is a wonderful actor and he has got a good role and performs superbly.

What’s Good

Production values

What’s Bad

Slow Pace
Outdated storyline
Lack of strong emotions


Itlu Maredumalli Prajaaneekam is based in the forest area of Maredumalli where the tribals have no basic facilities. So, they decide to kidnap a government servant so that the government can fulfill their needs. Such stories have come dime and dozen already. The characters and the pacing of the film are slow. There is no freshness in the film and the tribals chosen are not impactful.

The music and camerawork are good and the dialogues are neat. The romance between the lead pair should have been encouraged more. The narration has its own issues, to say the least. The director did not create enough conflict points and the pain of the tribals is not elevated well for the film to become interesting.

The manner in which cops act, their ideas to nab the criminals everything looks pale. The director Mohan has talent but sadly, he has chosen a very old subject and adds no value to it. His shot-making and emotions are good but they leave you with no impact and that is the reason the film lacks the feeling of watching something painful.

Bottom Line – Outdated Social Drama

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