Ishq Movie Review

Starring : Teja Sajja, Priya Prakash Varrier
Director : SS Raju
Producer : NV Prasad, Paras Jain, Vakada Anjan Kumar
Music Director : Mahathi Swara Sagar
Editor : A Vara Prasad
Release date : July 30,2021

Ishq Movie Review

Teja Sajja is doing films back to back and is ready with his new film Ishq that has hit the screens today. Read on to see if the film has any juice or not in the film.


Siddhu(Teja) and Anu are boyfriend and girlfriend. On the occasion of Anu’s birthday, Sidhu takes her on a long drive and tries to share an intimate position. Right at that time, a cop comes and creates a big scene. That small incident leads to multiple issues in Siddhu’s life. What are those and how he deals with them is the whole story all about.


For Teja Sajja, this is a breakthrough film and he grabs the opportunity in a big way. The young actor had a hard role and is did supremely well in the second half. Teja was good in all the emotional scenes and confrontation scenes with the main villain. Priya Prakash Varrier also shares good chemistry with Teja and she did well. But the main highlight of the film was Ravindra Vijay who plays the cop. His role had so much to showcase and the Family Man actor did so well.


Ishq is not at all a love story. The film starts on a pleasant note and takes a serious tone after a while. Things start looking good after the couple is caught by a cop sharing an intimate moment. This raises the tempo of the film and the scenes that follow are also pretty good. Teja holds the screen well during this time.

As the film is quite serious, it is devoid of any entertainment. The film runs on a serious thread and gets a bit overboard with the way the cops behave with the couple. In Telugu states, the cops do not go to such an extent troubling young kids but here in the film, things have been exaggerated a bit.

The film is high on technical aspects and slows down a bit in the post-interval parts. The film leans on Teja’s shoulders from here. Though he does well, for the most part, he looks a bit naive and young to carry the emotions. All those who like love stories with an edge will like the film but the other will have surely some reservations.

Bottom Line – Different but just okay

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