Jeevitha Blasts On Star Heroes

Senior actress and wife of actor Rajashekhar, Jeevitha is known for her daring attitude. She never shies away from speaking what she has in mind. Earlier, both Jeevitha and Rajashekhar made comments and criticized star heroes like Chiranjeevi and Pawan Kalyan in the past.

Now, Jeevitha has made comments on another star hero, this time it is NTR. In the move Temper, there is an instance where heroine Kajal says “Kukkalu crossing ki vachayi, konchem help chestara?” and NTR replies “Memu crossing ki vachi channallaindi. Mammalni Pattinchukondi.” Jeevitha said that even fans were shocked to hear such a dialogue from their favorite hero. She said that these kinds of dialogues will have a negative effect on the youngsters.