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Naa Saami Ranga review and rating: A half-baked Sankranthi treat

Naa samiranga review

The Telugu film ‘Naa Saami Ranga,’ featuring Nagarjuna and directed by Vijay Binny, hit theaters today. This Telugu period action drama is an official remake of the Malayalam film ‘Porinju Mariam Jose,’ starring Nagarjuna, Ashika Ranganath, Allari Naresh, Mirnaa Menon, Raj Tarun, and Rikshar Dhillon, with music by MM Keeravani. Let’s see how the film is


In the village of Ambajipeta, President Peddayya (Nasser) extends assistance to Kistayya’s (Nagarjuna) family during a crisis. Meanwhile, Kistayya loves Mahalaxmi, also known as Varalu (Ashika Ranganath). Unfortunately, an unforeseen incident disrupts their connection. The turmoil intensifies with Dasu (Shabeer Kallarakkal), Peddayya’s son, aiming to harm Kistayya and his brother Anji (Allari Naresh). What fuels this rivalry? Why did Varalu and Kistayya part ways? And what is Bhaskar’s (Raj Tarun) role in this tale? The movie holds the key to unraveling these mysteries.

Performances and Technical Aspects:

Nagarjuna’s energetic charm shines as he portrays an elder brother and loyalist. Ashika Ranganath needs a special mention as she impresses with her beauty as well as acting prowess. Allari Naresh entertains effectively. Director Vijay Binni’s debut is handled well, complemented by MM Keeravaani’s impactful background score. Despite some screenplay and character development shortcomings, the film boasts quality editing, cinematography, and production values.


MM Keeravaani’s music sets emotional tones, enhancing pivotal scenes in the film. The pre-climax and climax adds major plus to the movie’s appeal, supported by satisfactory performances from the cast.

However, the film’s storyline might lack novelty for Telugu audiences, and the screenplay, overseen by director Vijay Binni, could have benefited from more effective handling. While Raj Tarun, Shabeer, and Rukshar Dhillon deliver their roles, further character development would have enriched the narrative. Despite Vijay Binni’s good direction, a faster screenplay could have heightened the overall impact. Prasanna Kumar’s involvement in more heartwarming emotional scenes, especially in the second half could have added magic to the movie.

The emotional bond between Allari Naresh and Nagarjuna could have been more compelling in the first half. Also, a more intense portrayal of the villain and thoughtful placement of a couple of songs might have enhanced the overall viewing experience.


While ‘Naa Saami Ranga’ is a watchable village drama with decent performances from Nagarjuna, Allari Naresh, and Ashika Ranganathan, the slow-paced first half and the absence of highlight sequences are negatives of the film. The film may not appeal to all audiences but promises enjoyment for mass and family audiences during the festive season.

Rating: 2.75/5

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