Plagiarism Row: Trivikram Copied Aravinda Sametha From Mondi Kathi

Trivikram Srinivas is enjoying the success of Aravinda Sametha, however, the ace filmmaker has been embroiled in plagiarism issue once again. Yes, you read it right. The director has been accused by a writer of stealing his ideas from his book Mondi Kathi and then turning into movie Aravinda Sametha, without giving him due credit. The issue has spread like a wildfire and became a discussion of the hot topic on social media.

Writer Vempally Gangadhar Accused Trivikram Of Plagiarism

Writer’s Details

The writer in question is  Vempally Gangadhar, hailing from Rayalaseema. He has been awarded Central Sahithya Academy Yuva Puraskar Award for his work on the fiction of Rayalaseema factions. The writer on social media posted that he met Trivkram on the sets of Aravindha Sametha Veera Raghava. He went on to add that, Trivikram copied the idea of Aravinda Sametha from his film and failed to give credit to him, adding hi copied from his book Mondi Katha.

We are yet to get an official statement from Trivikram on the alleged accusation from the writer. Keep watching this space for more updates.