Prabhas Fans Call Siddharth Joker For Mocking Him

Actor Siddharth invited an unsolicited trouble for himself after he joked about Rebel Star Prabhas‘ birthday. It so happened that Baahubali actor fans started trending hashtag #100DaysToKingPRABHASBday on Twitter, commemorating in advance as the actor celebrates his birthday on October 23. Top this, Bommarilu star Siddharth on a lighter note wrote, “#465DayToKingPRABHASNextBdayAfterThisOne The countdown continues #HashtagsThrillButKillPleaseUseThemWithSomeDiscretion.”

Prabhas fans got offended by Siddharth’s tweet and called him “joker” by trending the hashtag #jokerofthedaysiddharth on Twitter.

Prabhas Fans Troll Siddharth

A Twitter user named Kartik Dayanand posted, “Prabhas fans are too sweet to troll you for this. Try saying the same for Vijay or Ajith and see the fun.” To this, Siddharth replied, “How is that fun? Being abused by people is common on Twitter. Social media culture and fan behaviour have gone to another level of abuse. Why should anyone be scared to make a joke? People need to get serious and angry about many serious issues; not about jokes! Jokers will joke (sic).

“Day by day the #Hashtag is becoming a joke… I think people can laugh at a joke. Nobody needs to leave Twitter. Relax, take a deep breath and laugh at a joke,” Siddharth tweet added.

Siddharth went on to add that he is very good friend of Prabhas, hence took the liberty to joke on it, adding “darling koda navuthadu diniki. Prathidaanki tension padithe lite tiskotanki time undadu kada bhayya”.

Have a look at the tweet: