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Sara Ali Khan says how she handles online trolls

Sara Ali Khan says how she handles online trolls

Sara Ali Khan frequently faces online trolling, largely because she embraces her true self without reservations. Her temple visits, outspoken nature, and honesty all draw criticism, highlighting her authenticity.

As a prominent Bollywood star kid, Sara’s career began in 2018, and she’s consistently gained popularity with each film. Her recent movie “Zara Hatke Zara Bachke” with Vicky Kaushal achieved over 200 days in theatres, demonstrating her strong fan base. She also significantly impacted the fashion scene, walking the ramp for Shantanu Nikhil alongside Aditya Roy Kapur.

In an open conversation with a famous magazine, Sara discussed her approach to handling online negativity. She remains undeterred by mockery for her cheerful personality, jokes, and shero-shayaris. Interestingly, she’s even willing to join in the laughter herself. Reflecting on her growth, she playfully mentioned her childhood size, emphasising the importance of self-validation over external opinions, including appearance.

Sara’s strength lies in her authenticity, rooted in her upbringing and inherent qualities. These qualities shield her from external noise. From pursuing Russian history at Columbia University to now embracing herself with unwavering self-assurance, Sara encapsulates the idea that a strong sense of self, unaffected by others’ opinions, is key to moving forward.

Amidst online turbulence, Sara Ali Khan stands as a role model for self-confidence, encouraging others to stay true to themselves despite external judgments.

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