Social distancing difficult to sustain in India

A report reveals that coronavirus has declined in countries imposed by lockdown and social distancing, the same may not workfor India which is densely populus. How long and how quickly the virus growth declines via social distancing varies by country based on measures what have been taken. This has happened in Italy, Spain, France and Germany.

“The UK, at 18 per cent, is still high, but social distancing measures have only just been rigorously applied. The next two weeks should show a declining rate of growth in the UK,” said Hong Kong-based Counterpoint Research in its latest report. “In India, the official number of infected is low but while it is growing relatively quickly (20 per cent in the last 24 hours) the government has moved fast to implement draconian lockdown measures that should slow the spread even if the real level of infection is much higher,” the report added.

The problem for many places in India is that social distancing, in some of the most densely populated areas, will be difficult to sustain for long.”India has implemented the fiercest measures of any country. It will be a test case of how to bring the outbreak under control across a vast and populous country,” the report mentioned.