Now, Sundeep Kishan gets injured

These days it has become a norm for the young heroes to do their stunts without any body double. However, without dupes sometime it’s life-threatening for the stars. Recently, Varun Tej was injured as he was on way to shoot, then we heard about Naga Shaurya who severely got his leg injured And now the latest is Sundeep Kishan who has injured himself.

Sundeep is currently shooting for ‘Tenali Ramakrishna BA BL’  and the shoot is underway in Kurnool. It is learnt that during a blast scene the mishap occurred. Sundeep took to Twitter announcing about his safety saying, “Hey was an unfortunate accident in a glass blast sequence.. A metal particle was stuck in my face right under my left eye & there was a lot of blood so ppl panicked..used to such stuff now & am ok.. The stuntman sustained a much deeper cut,wishing him a speedy recovery”.