Sushant’s doctors should block media

The film industry, people think is just about glamour and money but the amount of pressure an actor in work and out of work goes through is immense. It is all about visibility today. Even if your film doesn’t work, the actor should be on social media posting fresh photos doing gardening, cooking, charity, singing or just about anything. Followers or fake followers don’t matter, do you have the following is what determines your market rating and branding. If an actor is surrounded by a caring and supportive family, he need not worry much but even that is not a guarantee because we cannot speak of his mental status. There is so much pressure on the artiste to excel, perform, maintain the numero uno position that a negative article, a blind piece in the media can upset their mental equilibrium. We even have their wives posting pictures of the actor’s children dancing and their personal videos every day. The effort to acclimatise the public to their kids begins even while they are babies. A top star’s son in our Telugu film industry has been into drugs. It is such a pressure on them to continue the legacy of their parents and that itself could drive them crazy. The media is indirectly the one which creates nepo-kids.There are many psychiatrists and neurologists who have our Tollywood actors as their patients. They visit them regularly, discuss their anxiety issues and take antidepressants or whatever medication that is prescribed for them. It isn’t a taboo at all, mental health is as important as physical health. The question here is if it is right for doctors and therapists to talk freely to the media and disclosing the nature of the actor’s mental illness raises serious questions about the privacy and medical ethics in our country. In western societies, if medical professionals cannot keep patient details discreet or private. Such professionals are automatically weeded out from the medical fraternity. Moreover, if such things occur, the patient and the patient’s family have full legal rights to sue the medical professional in question. It is surprising how Sushant Singh’s doctors are giving interviews to every media channel that approaches them, refuting allegations, speaking for and against the subject based on their personal agendas. Had Sushant been alive, he would definitely have not wanted people to discuss his problem in public; His girl friend knew his weakness which is why she took away his prescriptions and medical documents while leaving, threatening to tell the media. Such emotional blackmail can push any person to the edge. One must remember that a medical professional can divulge certain details privately when questioned by responsible investigation agencies, although even that, is entirely at the discretion of the medical professional. It is legitimate for the professional to keep all sensitive details of the patient as a secret forever.

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