This Film’s Promotions Bank On Faded Out Hero

Every film needs some buzz or a good track record of the lead actors to succeed. If not these two, then the director must have huge popularity. Alternatively, the promos must be terrific. But, a Telugu film that would be releasing soon does not have any of these. Hence the business is not as expected.

The film has two heroes and a heroine. Both the heroes are running through a rough patch in their career. One of the heroes is already billed as a faded out hero. The other is yet to have a hit in the past two years. So, the heroine of the film demanded she should be the focal point of promos. But, the producers are going ahead promoting all the three lead stars. This is not to the liking of the heroine and she is said to be sulking. The director of the film is already a popular director in other languages and wants to churn out a content that appeals to the current generation.