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This Journalist Condemns Controversy On Pawan Kalyan

Jana Sena Chief Pawan Kalyan is contesting in the coming assembly elections 2019 and is making vehement campaign. Recently, Pawan Kalyan held a meeting calling upon mutual intellectual party supports to raise funds, However, a section of websites and news channels especially Mahaa News Channel stirred unnecessary controversy by trying to defame Pawan Kalyan terming it as “secret meeting”.

Giving a counter to this, popular journalist Sai in a video proved Pawan Kalyan’s detractor wrong. In the video, the journalist shot back questions at Pawan Kalyan’s critics.

  1. Firstly, he said that Jana Sena chief critics condemned the actor over his buyout at Amaravati. To this, he said that the party in fact procured all the papers and issued a statement saying, “Is it wrong to purchase the land at the price the government had fixed?”


2. Pawan In Shadow Of Modi

Pawan Kalyan’s rival parties took jibe at him syaing that he preaches what Narendra Modi does wearing a guise of innocence. To this, journalist said that Pawan has shut the mouth of his rivals by merging with Communists.


3. Purportedly Showing Pawan In Wong Picture 

The scribe further stated that Pawan Kalyan came with a clear picture to develop the party and reach at grassroot levels discussing the topics and their remedies. Journalist Sai condemned the channels for portraying wrong image by dubbing the meeting held by Jana Sena as “secret meeting”. In fact, he countered the critics asking them what’s wrong in organizing a meeting  which every party does.

a) The scribe asked that the meeting had people who came in support of Jana Sena to lend capital help. He further sad that there were instance in the recent times when other parties held meeting abroad but none of them raised objections to it, so why this.

b) He then said that Jana Sena needs capital support and he hasn’t minted any money seeing his previous film’s record. So every party raises funds so what wrong if Jana Sena holds meeting to raise funds.

Check the video:

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