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I have high expectations on Ninda, says Varun Sandesh

Varun Sandesh
I have high expectations on Ninda, says Varun Sandesh

Rajesh Jagannadham has produced and directed the Varun Sandesh starrer ‘Nindha’ under The Fervent Indie Productions banner. The film, tagged as Kandrakota Mystery, is based on true events and is set to release on June 21st. Mythri Movies will be distributing the film in the Nizam region. Ahead of its release, Varun Sandesh shared some insights about the movie in a recent media interaction.

A Fresh Take on Storytelling

Varun Sandesh explained that he accepted the role in ‘Nindha’ because he was looking for something different from the routine films he had been doing. Feeling the need for a change, he took a break and traveled to the USA, where he was introduced to the story by Rajesh Jagannadham. He was immediately captivated by the unique narrative and decided to be a part of the project. His role in ‘Nindha’ is a stark contrast to his real-life persona, showcasing a more serious and mature character.

 Unique Production Dynamics

The film’s unique production dynamics were a significant draw for Varun. He was initially unaware that Rajesh would also be producing the film, but was impressed by his dedication and belief in the story. Rajesh’s dual role as director and producer demonstrated his commitment and courage, making the project even more appealing. The film stands out in the suspense, crime, and thriller genre with its unpredictable screenplay, which kept even the actors guessing about the story’s twists. Technically, ‘Nindha’ boasts a strong background score and impressive camera work, elevating the film’s overall impact. Despite facing challenges, such as Varun’s leg injury during the shoot, the team persevered, driven by their passion for the project.

Collaboration and Future Projects

Varun’s collaboration with Rajesh Jagannadham has grown into a strong friendship, with Varun regarding Rajesh as a brother. The film’s distribution by Mythri Movies came about through connections and the genuine appreciation of the film by Mythri Shashi. Looking ahead, Varun has several exciting projects in the pipeline. He mentioned a forthcoming “crazy project” set for promotion in July and release in August, as well as his role in the film ‘Constable.’

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