Bigg Boss Telugu 3: Sreemukhi Army goes extra mile

Bigg Boss Telugu 3 is a few weeks away from the finale. With 12th week the competition is getting tougher and each contestant is giving a tough fight to one another. Interestingly, the craze surrounding the contestants is also gung-ho among the netizens who are going an extra mile to vote for their favourite contestants.

Sreemukhi ads in theatres grab attention

Now, Sreemukhy Army has gone an extra mile in supporting her. They have come with a unique way by advertising about her, title Sreemukhi ads is going viral on social media. Well, this has caught the attention of anti-Sreemukhi, who are now spreading this and requesting not to vote for her. On the other side, this week all the contestants -Varun Sandesh, Vithika Sheru, Baba Bhaskar, Siva Jyothi, Ali Raza, and Rahul including Sreemukhi have been nominated. So it is to be seen who would get eliminated this week.