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Varun Tej fails in OTT as well

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Varun Tej has been experiencing a streak of setbacks lately, starting with his film Ghani. Unfortunately, his movies have been struggling to make an impact at the box office since then. Despite his high hopes, his recent film, Operation Valentine, turned out to be another disappointment.

Released just last month, Operation Valentine failed to resonate with audiences. Alongside issues like a lack of emotional depth, Varun Tej faced tough competition from Hrithik Roshan’s Fighter, which hit theaters a month prior. Both films revolve around the Balakot attacks, inviting inevitable comparisons that worked against Operation Valentine. Despite Fighter boasting a significantly larger budget, audiences didn’t factor that into their assessments.

Even the Hindi release of Operation Valentine failed to garner success, leading to its eventual debut on OTT platforms. Coincidentally, it premiered on the same day as Hrithik Roshan’s Fighter on Netflix. Although there’s a segment of viewers drawn to patriotic films, Fighter emerged as the preferred choice due to its superior quality and appeal.

Whether in theaters or on OTT platforms, Varun Tej found himself grappling with the same challenges posed by Fighter’s dominance in the genre. Despite his efforts, Operation Valentine couldn’t capture the attention or admiration of audiences, adding to his string of disappointments in recent times. As he navigates this rough patch in his career, Varun Tej will undoubtedly be seeking opportunities to turn the tide and reclaim his position in the industry.

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