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Water Crisis in Hyderabad: BRS Leader KT Rama Rao blasts CM Revanth Reddy

12 Water Crisis in Hyderabad

Water Crisis in Hyderabad

Bharatiya Rashtriya Samithi (BRS) working president KT Rama Rao (KTR) has launched a scathing attack on Telangana Chief Minister Revanth Reddy over the prevailing water scarcity issue in the state. Criticizing the Congress for alleged negligence, KTR demanded free tanker services to alleviate the distress faced by the public.

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Addressing the media, KTR blamed the Congress for the water crisis, labeling it as a result of fake promises made to the masses to secure power. He emphasized that the scarcity was not a natural occurrence, citing last year’s 14% excess rainfall. Urging action, he demanded the immediate provision of water through tanker services to mitigate the hardships faced by the people.

The remarks come in the wake of a stern warning issued by the Telangana High Court regarding water conservation measures, drawing parallels with Bengaluru’s dire situation. KTR highlighted the plight of residents, particularly women, who are enduring the sweltering heat while waiting near water tankers in Hyderabad. Expressing dismay over the alleged failure of the government to address the crisis, he underscored the need for urgent action to prevent further exacerbation of the situation.
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Furthermore, KTR criticized the focus of the government on issues like phone tapping instead of prioritizing essential services like water supply. He urged for a shift in focus towards providing immediate relief to the public, calling for the cessation of billing for water and the implementation of free tanker services. As concerns mount over the looming drought-like conditions, KTR stressed the imperative for swift and decisive measures to ensure the well-being of the populace amidst the water crisis.

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