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Vaishnav Tej: Disliking stories or lacking offers?

Vaishnav Tej Vaishnav Tej

Vaishnav Tej, the hero from the mega compound family, made a grand entry into Tollywood with a sensational hit in his debut movie, “Uppena,” directed by Buchi Babu. Breaking into the 100 crore club with his first film, Vaishnav Tej garnered immense attention, raising expectations for his future projects. However, his subsequent films failed to replicate the success of his debut, leaving his career at a crossroads.

Despite making calculated choices in his debut, Vaishnav Tej’s career took a downturn with consecutive movie failures. The disappointment peaked with the underwhelming performance of “Adikesava,” which failed to meet expectations despite being produced by Sitara banner. This string of disappointments has left Vaishnav Tej in a precarious position, with his market value dwindling in the industry.

The root of Vaishnav Tej’s career dilemma seems to lie in his story selection process. While his initial success was attributed to a well-crafted script and production, subsequent projects lacked the same finesse. Critics speculate that Vaishnav Tej may have been hasty in choosing scripts, leading to a series of missteps in his career.

Recognizing the importance of selecting the right story, Vaishnav Tej has become discerning in his choices. As per the speculations, despite listening to multiple scripts each week, the actor remains unsatisfied, rejecting them all in search of a potential blockbuster. However, this quest for the perfect script has yet to bear fruit, leaving fans and industry insiders questioning his judgment.

The road to redemption for Vaishnav Tej hinges on finding another hit like “Uppena” and securing the support of the mega family once again. However, success is contingent on making astute decisions in story selection. In the current landscape, a shift towards content-driven narratives may offer a viable path forward for the young actor.

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