118 movie review

Release Date
March 1, 2019

Cast: Nandamuri Kalyan Ram, Nivetha Thomas, Shalini Pandey and others

Direction: K. V. Guhan

Producers: Mahesh koneru

Music Director: Sekhar Chandra

Cinematographer: K. V. Guhan

Editor: Bikkina Thammiraju

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Nandamuri clan Kalyan Ram, is looking forward a big hit in his career to bounce back. His latest film 118, a suspense thriller is helmed by cinematographer-turned-director KV Guhan. The teaser and trailer have created a positive buzz around the film. So, will 118 give the much-needed hit for Kalyan Ram?


Gautam (Kalyan Ram) is an investigative journalist. A dream keeps haunting him about a girl l(Nivetha Thomas) getting killed along with the number 118.  However, soon his he dreads about his dream after it turns into reality in a chain of events. In order to find the truth, he along with his friends starts unravelling the truth. Gautam soon discovers shocking stuff. Who is the girl, why she is haunting Gautam and why she keeps chasing him in his dreams is the story?


Kalyan Ram has impressed with the role of journalist. Kalyan Ram, who has previously been seen as a reporter in Ism, impressed everyone with his stylish looks. Coming back to the film, performances and action scenes have been shot well. Considering its a suspense thriller, romance and dance don’t have much scope. Actress Nivetha Thomas is the show stealer, despite having a limited screen presence she mesmerized the audience. On the other side, Shalini Pandey also did her part well. Other artistes Hariteja, Prabhas Srinu and Nassar justified their roles.


KV Guhan known to Tollywood audience as the cinematographer has turned director with 118. Guhan who directed a Tamil film in 2010 has come back to Tollywood for direction after a hiatus time.  Unlike routine potboilers, Guhan has chosen a suspene thriller where the protagonist is an investigative scribe. The director started the film with an introductory point and made the audition with the engaging screenplay. Without incorporating unnecessary scenes, the movie proceeds well. The first half has an interesting screenplay, thrilling scenes, but the proceedings turn tad slow in the second half. As the film reaches pre-climax, Guhan has kept aside logic which doesn’t look convincing. Guhan has impressed with his cinematography skills and stylish taking. The music rendered by Sekhar Chandra elevated the film, while the editing has come out well.



  • Kalyan Ram, Nivetha Thomas acting
  • Background music


Forced scenes missing logic



This mystery number will not disappoint you!



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