Will Ravi Babu’s Piglet Work Wonders?

Director Ravi Babu is famed for making films of a different kind. He does not make the run-of-the-mill fare. His latest Adhugo, where he has a piglet playing a key role, is all set to hit the marquee in just three days. But, strangely, there isn’t any buzz about the film save for a padayatra from KBR Park to Film Nagar. The hero and heroine are largely unknown and the piglet along with the CG works is the only draw for the film.


Given the complete lack of buzz, there are serious doubts about the fate of the film and as to whether it manages to get the minimum openings. Though Daggubati Suresh Babu is the producer, he can only guarantee a decent and hassle-free release. But, there seems to be nothing in the film that can draw the audience to the theatres. Moreover, there are doubts about the film as it was in production for over two years. The audience have seen many films with animals like dog, snake, elephant or even tigerplaying keyroles.

But, piglet is a new thing for the viewers and whether it will draw the audience is a moot question. Hero Abhishek Varma and heroine Nabha Natesh are also largely unknown. What more, the film is vying with Vijay’s Sarkar and Amir-Amithabh’s Thugs of Hindustan. Let’s see if Ravi Babu’s dream project manages to hold on to its own.